From 1 to 16 November in the SOVCOM Gallery there will be an exhibition of paintings by Ahra Azhinjal “The Island of Tranquility” timed to the artist’s 50th birthday.

In the picturesque manner of Akhra Azhinjal, the origin of the artist is immediately discernible. He is a native of sunny Abkhazia, and his canvases absorbed the gold of her sand and a dazzling white coastal pebble, deep greenery of the forests, dense blue of the peaks and transparent – domes of the Novy Afon monastery.

If you see at once many things of Ahra Ajinjal, then his art will appear as something like a bright and variegated carpet, each fragment of which is not like the other. This seems paradoxical – after all, the artist works mainly in three main for himself picturesque genres: still life, landscape and in the genre of a nude female model (nude). If you try to understand this paradox, it becomes clear that Ajinjal in each of his work is both unchanging and true to himself, and every time new and reveals something new.
Speaking about the special “luminosity” of the color of most of the artist’s works, it is quite appropriate to compare the paintings of Ajinjal with works of not only the same kind of visual creativity, but also other types of it, for example, stained-glass windows or cloisonne enamels. The fact is that in most of the artist’s compositions the color planes or fields that are significant in area are separated from each other by sometimes massive, sometimes thin, but invariably accentuated, accented contour lines. This is how close-up stained-glass windows or cloisonne enamels look in which the colored glass (or enamel) inserts are separated by leaden partitions. Such a manner in France at the beginning of the 20th century was called “cloisonism” (from the French “cloison” – “partition”), so Gauguin and his followers worked. This term can also be applied to the works of our contemporary Ahhr Ajinjal. In general, in his works, researchers find reminiscences of artistic research in the first third of the last century: from the French post-impressionists and Fauvists to the Russian Knave of Diamonds. This is not accidental, – fundamental training in the field of art history makes itself felt: the artist studied with the best teachers at the art department of the historical faculty of the Moscow University.
Of course, all these visual impressions are remelted and synthesized in the author’s consciousness, and, starting from these or other prototypes, he creates his own and only his picture of the world around him.
Doctor of Arts Andrew Tolstoy describes the main features characteristic of the creative style of Ajinjal: “Agility, universality is an important quality not only of the artist’s compositions with naked bodies, but also of his still lifes and landscapes. Perhaps it is this feature of the work of Akhra Azhinjal that underlies the fact that his works are liked by very different people – and those who identify themselves as supporters of traditional forms of pictorial art, and those who tend to nonclassical, more expressive art trends of the twentieth century “.
The work of Akhra Adzhindzhal can, without the slightest fear of falling into banality, be called an island of tranquility in the turbulent modern art-stream. In this case, calmness is not a lack of attention to the mainstream, but rather a calm confidence of mastery. Ajinjal is an artist of a leisurely movement, he peers into the world around him to understand the rhythm of the contact of the world and people living in it. Actually, the touch is a fundamental concept for the artist’s entire work, at least for today. By his own admission, Akhra Azhinjal, this is exactly the way he would like to communicate with the audience: “I’m tired of the super-informative art. I do not want to impose myself to the viewer, but only to touch him. Touching softly, easily and thus appealing to his heart. “

Ahra A. Ajinjal was born in 1962 in Abkhazia. In 1982 he graduated with honors from the Sukhumi Art College and entered the History Department of the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. During the training, the best teachers of the department of the “History of Art Theory” organized five art exhibitions of Akhra Azhinjal at the Moscow University.
From 1987 to 1993. Lived and worked in Abkhazia. Since 1990. Participated in group exhibitions in Sukhumi. In 1993 he moved to Kiev, where he lives and works to the present.

I collected a fairly large collection on request ssangyong photo, I prepare a site dedicated to this car. There will be a section with pictures.

On one of the diplomas and diplomas awarded to the artist for his services in the development of art, as the laureate of the International Art Salon “The Way of Unity”, dedicated to the 285th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Arts (Moscow, Central House of Artists, 2009) – are signed by five Presidents of different academies.
The graphics of Akhra Azhinjal are easily recognizable in the publishing world. His illustrations adorned more than 150 books. Particular emphasis in his artistic search the author makes on the plastic forms. The most vivid in his work were the masterpieces of Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso.
The artist’s works are in many museums and private collections. From 1991 to the present time, about 50 personal and group exhibitions were held in Moscow, Abkhazia, Ukraine, Greece, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, etc.

The owner of the collection of paintings of Ahra Azhinjal: Ivan Kardashidi.
Curator of the exhibition: Karina Borisenok

Within the framework of the vernissage, a charity auction of the works of Akhry Adzhindzhal from the collection of I.P. Kardashidi, consisting of 20 lots. The proceeds will be sent to the State Tretyakov Gallery for the restoration of paintings by Pavel Dmitrievich Korin.
Also at the opening of the exhibition several works of Akhra Azhinjal will be played among guests of the opening day

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