The cafe will show a series of works by Svetlana Dehtyar

A new exhibition of artist and designer Svetlana Dekhtyar is devoted to the elements of the wind. In a new series of paintings Dekhtyar moved from subject pictures to abstract painting. All works are done with the help of collage technique. As a material for previous works, the artist used glossy magazines and newspapers. According to the author, in this way the magazines acquire a second life. The element of the wind was chosen as the theme of the exhibition not by accident – as Dekhtyar stated, it was important for her to move away from traditional forms and convey a pure emotion through painting.

– The wind is great: we do not see it, but we feel it. He is unstable and multifaceted, he has many faces and names. “Everything begins with sirocco,” Andrei Sobol wrote in the first chapter of his “The Tale of the Blue Peace.” So I started it with him. I devoted the first picture of the new series to this wind.

Svetlana Dekhtyar, “Tornado”

The works of Dekhtyar are in private collections in Russia, Germany, Belgium, Israel and the USA. The exhibition in Buro Canteen will last until April 1. All works are available for purchase.


Buro Canteen will host an exhibition of abstract paintings updated: March 8, 2017 by author: Rollin

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