For six years of existence the festival “Art-Ovrag” in Vyksa has managed from fascinating entertainment for the whole family to turn into a phenomenon of cultural life of the city, to acquire important goals and deep meaning. This time it is expected from June 16 to 18, promising to present something incredible in terms of the scale and the number of events.

These dates are official, in fact, the festival has just started: the educational program on the basics of modern culture is in full swing in Vyksa. But the main thing, of course, will unfold in the summer: everything will correspond to the theme of the festival – “Aquatorium”. That is to master one of the key reservoirs of the city – Verkhne-Vyksunsky pond area of ​​almost 300 hectares.

Architects with a world name will build and launch five art objects – architectural rafts. They will create a unique drifting park, the rafts of which will become not only objects of modern art, but also pleasure vehicles. One of them will be built according to the project of local residents.

A special plot in the program of the festival will be the creation of the largest painting in the world. Her – an area of ​​10000 m² – draws artist Misha Most. An artistic composition will be located on the wall of one of the industrial buildings of Vyksa Steel Works, as it turned out, the most modern plant in the world.

“In creating the sketch-concept,” Misha explains, “I pushed myself away from my project” The Future of the Past “, whose visual compositions talk about the perception of the future in a single period of time. I strive to visualize the researcher’s thoughts when he tries to build a picture of the society of the future. I included in the sketch about six real plots from the life of the Vyksa plant. I think that workers will be able to easily learn about the events from the life of the plant. If you look at work from left to right, you can catch the development of the story: from small to large, from research to creation, from idea to result. So I tried to create a short film.

Another curious one is the “Art-Dvor” project, in which architects, together with the inhabitants of the city, will decorate the courtyard territories. This is an amazing experiment, when a resident of the town begins to think like an urbanist, feel the space and think about how to change it for the better. From the everyday environment make creative and turn it into the norm of life.
This year, the organizers will take up the opening of art residences in Vyksa, where modern artists will live, earn and start exhibiting. This is only part of what the festival is preparing, conquering a new level of development and not forgetting that there are still many prospects ahead.

Foreigners will turn the reservoir in Vyksa into an art platform with the help of architectural rafts updated: March 17, 2017 by author: Rollin

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