Life is associated with increased fatigue, stress and anxiety. There are ways to reduce these negative effects, but not all areuniversal and effective. For a long time, sound therapy has been popular for restoring strength and tone – some cultures andpeoples have used music for psychic and physical rehabilitation for centuries. And the development of technology, medicine, musicand psychoacoustics to date allows us to apply to scientific methods of reconstructing sound procedures.

How about a whole tested relaxation playlist? This – out of 10 compositions – was made by scientists

As part of the experiment, participants were required to solve complex puzzles as quickly as possible, while their indicators weretaken by sensors. Since the observed were exposed to stress when listening to different tracks, the researchers measured not onlybrain activity, but also heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. According to the organizer, Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson fromMindlab International, one composition proved to be so effective for the relaxation of the subjects that it can not be compared withany other music that was used before.

When listening to the Weightless track of the British Marconi Union group, the participants experienced an alarm level decrease of 65%, and they needed 35% less time to restore their physical strength – which is quite astonishing, will not you agree?

And so the history of the birth of such a track is no less amazing – it was created specially for such purposes. During the creation of the song the participants consulted with the sound therapists. A carefully selected combination of harmonies, rhythmics and basslines calms the heartbeat, reduces blood pressure and reduces the blood levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.
A timely discovery in an era when more people die from stress at work than from diabetes, Alzheimer’s and flu combined. By thestandards of Marconi Union, music is a psychotherapist and wellness specialist who is always with you. And such a “medicine” hasgreat chances for widespread distribution and recognition, because you do not need any medical rooms and expensive therapy, justclick on play.
And yet, Dr. Lewis-Hodgson warns: “The effectiveness of Weightless is so great that when listening to many women began to fallasleep. I would not advise listening to this track while driving, to avoid an emergency. ” And if you need a soundtrack for especiallylong restorative procedures, a 10-hour version of the most soothing track in history should come in handy.

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