In Zurich, a unique museum opened – the first in Europe Museum of Digital Art.

The Museum of Digital Art (MuDA) exists both in physical and virtual spaces. Physically, the museum is located on the first floor of one of the first high-rise buildings in Zurich. Virtual – on the Internet.

The creators of the museum, Carolyn Hirth and Christian Etter, conceived the creation of a territory entirely dedicated to the digital arts, i.e. Art, based on computer technology.

One of the central exhibits of the museum was the old information board of the Zurich railway station. Purchased for one franc scoreboard reprogrammed, and today visitors can see and hear a mechanical dance consisting of sounds, station names and platform numbers.

The museum’s advantage was that due to the specificity of the exhibits, the museum does not need expensive security systems, special storage conditions, transportation costs are minimal.

The creation of the museum was made possible thanks to private enthusiasts and an unprecedented crowdfunding campaign, which received the support of 567 investors from around the world and collected more than $ 100,000, the website of the museum reports.

In Zurich, the first European Museum of Digital Art updated: March 19, 2017 by author: Rollin

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