Today, March 17, there was an exit 14 on the account of the studio album of the British band Depeche Mode – Spirit.

The first thing that catches your eye when you are acquainted with your listening is the political and ideological coloring of the songs. Previously, the group had one “sharply social” composition – People Are People. With some stretch here it was possible to rank and Everything Counts.

However, the political orientation of the album is easy to explain – and the soloist Dave Gahan and composer Martin Gore live in the US and have their own, not at all optimistic, view of the recent presidential elections and the situation in the EU. “We’re fucked” – sings Martin Gore in the final song Fail, and this mood of the album.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Gehan noted: “I would not say that this is a political album, I do not perceive music in a political way, but this is definitely an album about humanity and our place in it.”

By the way, the leader of the American ultra-right Richard Spencer once half-jokingly called Depeche Mode the official right-wing group. The group was enraged.

The second thing you should pay attention to is the producer. The place of Ben Hiller, who worked with the three previous records of the band (Playing the Angel, Sounds of the Universe and Delta Machine), was taken by James Ford. Before that, he was producing for the Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons, Florence and the Machine.

The third feature of the album is sound. Here, more attention is paid to analog synthesizers than in the previous three. Therefore, the album recalls the previous work of the group, right down to the very first. Opening track Going Backwards in general can be called a retrospective of DM, so it is filled with their classic “chips”.

The keys are complemented by blues guitars, quite “dirty” in sound – and they also refer to the early records. In the song Cover Me, along with the corporate Depeševi keys, it sounds no longer blues, but kraut-rock, which is very suitable for the political coloring of texts.

Separately, it is necessary to note the vocals of both Gehan and Gore. It seems that even in the work on the previous disc, that is, in 2012-2013, they were visited by a certain singing revelation. Surely one can say one thing – so DM did not sing ever.

Musicians themselves noted in their interviews that Spirit is much closer to Violator and Ultra than to releases of the last 10-15 years, although the aesthetics of Delta Machine are preserved here. On the mood it’s rather an alloy Ultra and Songs of Faith and Devotion.

In general, the previous Delta Machine can be called aggressive, and Spirit is a meditative album. But only if meditation does not take place on a rug for yoga, but at a gothic party.

Legendary Depeche Mode released the fourteenth album updated: March 18, 2017 by author: Rollin

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