An organization has been set up to protect cultural heritage in zones of armed conflict

Yesterday, the Louvre Museum in Paris hosted an international conference, which resulted in the establishment of the InternationalAlliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas (ALIPH). The main task of ALIPH will be the protection of cultural heritagesites that are under threat of destruction as a result of military operations deployed by the Islamic state militants. The donorcountries pledged to provide an amount of $ 75 million to create this project. The UNESCO Foundation will support theorganization.

The alliance‘s goal will also be to fight against the smuggling of stolen artifacts and to help restore the destroyed monuments. ALIPH also aims to create a global network of art depositories in danger.

The creation of the alliance will be financed by France (30 million), Saudi Arabia ($ 20 million), the United Arab Emirates (15 million), Kuwait (5 million) and Morocco (1.5 million).
Luxembourg promised to allocate 3 million dollars, and private donor Thomas Kaplan – 1 million. Switzerland will allocate 8 millionfor operational and administrative expenses for the establishment of the organization‘s first headquarters in Geneva. Italy willprovide military personnel and experts in the conservation of cultural objects. Germany, China and Mexico will deposit heritagesites that are under threat of destruction.
For the implementation of the project, donor countries will allocate $ 75 million

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