​Before making, the world was inhabited and ruled only by the gods. Victoria the goddess of beauty, Romane the god of addiction and Krizched the god of remorse. The three gods were brothers and governed the Kingdoms of Lust, Addiction and Remorse. They decided to create man kind in attempt of creating an individual who had a limited lifespan and would find a deeper purpose to life. When creating man kind, Krizched betrays his siblins and the cost of creating man was turning them and their Kingdoms into stone. In order to bring back Queen Victoria and Romaine from the death, one must collect the three necklaces worn by each of the gods. But this as is nearly impossible because kingdoms of Lust and Addiction are governed by Krizcheds army and no human has returned the quest.

-description from the author of these 3D models ALEJANDRO ROBLEDO MEJIA


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