Bofill purchased the factory in 1973. On the project, he worked with a team of builders

Architect Ricardo Bofill remade the cement plant of the late XIX century near Barcelona in a modern mansion. For the implementation of the project La fábrica, it took him almost 45 years, according to the portal BoredPanda.

“I get the impression that I live in my own universe, which protects me from the outside world and everyday life,” the architect wrote on his website.

Each room of the building is created by a unique project and, according to Bofill, “performs a certain function.” The architect dismantled some premises of the plant and planted territory with ivy, eucalyptus and olive trees.

Ricardo Bofill – Spanish architect, author of airport projects and the building of the National Theater of Catalonia in Barcelona, ​​as well as the district of Abraxas in the Paris commune of Noisy-le-Grand. In addition, Bofill worked in Russia – he designed the housing complexes “Alexandria”, “New Orlov” and “Smolny Prospect” in St. Petersburg, as well as the show space “Leningrad Center”.

The architect turned a cement factory of the XIX century into an apartment castle updated: March 14, 2017 by author: Rollin

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